Storerboats on Hungarian Television – Eurekára, Egy fakenu magyarországi sikere

Csaba Mezai, storerboatplan’s agent in Hungary translated my plans into Magyar (Hungarian).  He also runs by far the biggest website in that language – which includes a very active forum.

It is seven or 8 minutes long looking at the Eureka, discussing the Quick Canoe and OzRacer simple sailboat and discussing  the plans are at about 16 minutes in.  Click on the image to see the video play live and skip to 16 minutes, but there are some interesting boats before then.

Interview in Hungarian with Csaba Mezei about Storer boat plans canoes and sailing dinghies

However there is an interesting section on wooden racing canoes and  canoe racing – big canoe and big teams. The design of the canoes leads to a most spectacular bow wave when going fast under 10(?) paddlers.

The next session is about composite canoe manufacturer – he makes some sort of spurious comparison between wood and kevlar – holding up some 9mm or 12mm ply and saying kevlar is equivalent – which it isn’t in any way.

After all we build plywood canoes to be half the weight of a standard fibreglass canoe and strong and stiff only using 4mm plywood.

Then at 16 minutes we get to the interview with Csaba.

And if you like REALLY light then you can have a look at my balsa canoe – the very first article I put up on this website. 6kg.

Balsa strip canoe out of non exotic materials - 6kg.

And for more storerboats you can see plans here

And more photos here

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