Sailing at Goolwa with AJ, Andrea, Ted, Mike, Mike and Mike Pt1

But here is the set called
Goolwa, sailing with AJ, Andrea, Ted, Mike, Mike and Mike
First a mood Photo from the Murray Mouth where Ted’s shack is.

OK Saturday about 10am


The three Ducks … one with the lug rig … in light winds it was the fastest by a long way. It has a bit more sail and that homebuild lug design works really well.

Andrea’s sit on kayak has a nice Paddle from my free plan download

I was to spend a lot of time looking at this transom during our fun race.

Mikes nice detail for the transition of bulkhead to side tank for the PDR

The little group of little boats in what has become the fascinating waterway of Goolwa. I love the winding waterways. There are bad things about the “management’ of the drought damage – but the low water levels make it a much more interesting and scenic waterway. It looks like a real estuary.

We decided to race around the island. See post below

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