BETH Sailing Canoe Pictures

I was up at Duck Flat a couple of weeks ago and had a bit of a poke around their computer.

I found a whole bunch of new images of BETH my sailing canoe – Plan number one!

The original BETH was launched about 15 years ago and the BETH Mk2 sailing canoe in the plans is about 12 years young.

BETH has similar performance around an Olympic course to an average club level Laser but is heaps easier to handle on shore because she is about half the weight and NARROW.

The narrowness makes her easy for one person to drag around or get onto a car roof.

When I was younger (ahem – under 45) I was able to carry her hull on my shoulder – it is only 70lbs so any red blooded young man would have little trouble showing off by lifting her from the roof

She is really designed for one person but can carry up to around 300lbs OK, though it does knock her performance down if these types of weight are carried.

While Beth is not recommended for beginner sailors a few more experienced types have built this most gorgeous of all box boats.

Actually this particular one in the two top photos is for sale. You can contact me by email (left) if you want to find out the details.She looks very nicely built.

You can see all the photos of the Beth Sailing Canoe on my flickr site.

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