Detailed construction photos for OzRacer (formerly Oz PDRacer) sailboat

This photo series below is for the OzRacer Mk 2.

The method for the OzRacer RV and OzGoose is much simpler.

The OzGoose is the 12ft version that appeared somewhat later. It is a much better boat in terms of speed and capacity.

At the moment I am in Sydney for a couple of weeks.

Not a lot of boating stuff happening apart from work I’m doing on developing a lighter mast and tabernacle (so the mast will swing up into position easily) for a San Francisco Bay Pelican.

But the main point of this post is to point out I have posted a whole lot of new pictures of Rob Johnson building PDR#118 on Flickr. And I seem to have fluked it and managed to get them in the correct sequence.

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You can browse through them at your own pace or turn them into a slideshow.

This is what Rob Johnson commented after he saw all the pics of his boatbuilding efforts up.

MIK advised me tonight that he has got all of the photos together of me building PDR118 at the spring boatbuilding school put on by Duckflat Wooden boats at Hindmarsh Island.

Gee , it makes a clown like me look like I might even know what I’m doing !.
I guess its up to MIK if he makes it for general viewing , although I suspect you could get to it via his site.

If you do get to see it , look for the obvious cockup I , repeat I made , and later , you can see it corrected , no damage done .

I’ll admit to being “all at sea” with this initially , I could only improve , and I did a bit , but if I can build a PDR , anyone can !.

You will note in the photos the “book” , it sure helped having such instruction available , and i’m sure MIK is improving it all of the time !.

I was steadily working away on what remains to be done , but we got a bushfire fright last night , so the boat is unfortunately on the “backburner” for now. But congratulations MIK on putting this thing together (is it called a BLOG?) , it’s good !.

Rob J.

I’ve also just finished a new article and ads for the next (summer) edition of Australian Amateur Boatbuilder Magazine focussing on two boats you can see below and on my website.

And here is young Dakota Jones building her Oz Mk2 PDRacer.

Created with flickr slideshow.

The Eureka Canoe
The PD Racer

Best Wishes to All

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