Taiwanese Aboriginal Boat Launching on Lanyu Island

More Taiwan Boats.

People may or may not be aware that Taiwan has its own aboriginal people belonging to quite distinct groups.

Some lived inland, but others were coastal and some live on the smaller islands around Taiwan. Their culture is distinct from the prevailing Chinese culture.

There were rumours that the people were headhunters … but it turned out that they kept the skulls of ancestors inside the main part of the village … watching? Protecting?

The group launching the boat with ceremony and feasting here are on LanYu Island which is just under 40km to the East of the Southern end of Taiwan.

Anyway my web acquaintance, Mao, her husband Kevin and their friends, travel all over Taiwan and she takes wonderful photos. She and her friends go kayaking, hiking and are very outdoorsy.

The pictures below of the beautiful full size Chinese Junk that was burned to get rid of the “Gods of Pestilence” are hers as well.

The main article about the boats on Lan-Yu Island is here and it has a link to pictures that show some of the traditional building methods.

The picture right shows how the boats are partially stitched together.

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