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Goat island skiff john goodman in texas 200 mile event - storer boat plans

Everything Lug rig and lug sail?

All our lug rig information on one page. We have seen the change from the balance lug being almost forgotten to becoming the predominant rig for small self built wooden boat. This was the situation a hundred years ago. We can still use the cheapness and effectiveness of this rig to create boats with very quick and pleasant sailing characteristic.

Goat Island Skiff lug rig setup and tuning:

How to rig efficient lug sails – Goat Island Skiff

How do you rig your Goat Island Skiff or other balance lug rigged boat? This page will be useful for everyone, but specifically assist Goat owners in selection of rope, rope lengths and show all the rigging details. We have also found a number of cheaper ways of doing things from our experience in the Philippines. Halyard, downhaul, outhaul, lashings, rope fittings, rudders, centreboard.

Goat Island Skiff - Armstrong Family Sailing San Diego -

Goat Island Skiff Plan Info – Simple Sailing boat, Excellent performance, Lightweight

The finally famous Goat Island Skiff is the lightest and simplest 16ft sailing boat I could come up with. Simple to Build with Modern Performance. She will sail well and handle impeccably at all times with 4 adults and is fastest with one or two aboard. Plans are extremely detailed and there is an active community of builders on Facebook.