Affordably Priced Sails for Storer Boats

Affordably Priced Sails for Storer Boats and other boats too – see this article on Really Simple Sails to find out more about sail options.

Lower cost laminate sail canoes and sailing dinghies. Spar dimensions also available. reallysimplesails.comlug sails at very competitive prices -

Finally – Cheaper Sails for your boat

(To see current prices and order a sail go to the Really Simple Sails page on Duckworks USA ships worldwide or email me (see contact in left column on this page)

As everyone who has built a boat before knows, the single most expensive component of a sailboat is the sail.

For a Goat Island Skiff a custom sailmaker made sail can be around  750 dollars or surprisingly also 750 Euro or Pounds Sterling.  What if there was a supply of good sails for half that price?

I’ve been concerned about this for a long time, and have finally found a way to reduce the cost without reducing the quality for sails for Storer Designs.  Helped start a new sailmaking company.

Affordable sails for Storer Boat Plans - Goat Island Skiff, OzRacer, PDRacer, Ocean Explorer

Over the past 12 months or more I have been working in the background with a group of friends from the Philippines to set up a small scale sailmaking factory.  I’ve sourced quality materials from Australia, the UK, USA, and Japan designed sails for several of my boat designs.

Stock Sails will be available from storerboats agents in the Americas, the UK, Hungary and Australia. For the moment we have started with Duckworks in the USA and Duck Flat in Australia that just sent the first sail to Daniel in Uruguay.  His pic below.

1536639_10203130228202354_781154770_n (1)

and his sailing pictures are here - Cheap sails for Goat Island Skiff, OzRacer, OzGoose, PDRacer, PDgoose - Cheap sails for Goat Island Skiff, OzRacer, OzGoose, PDRacer, PDgoose

Good Quality Sails for Goat Island Skiff and OzRacer series

This has turned into and they sell make and sell sails through Duckworks USA but also sell direct to other locations reached more economically posting direct from the Philippines.  Later we intend to have stock sails with our agents in different regions.

As of February 2017 there are three stock sails sails in production.  And we also have a growing line of custom sails

  1. Goat Island Skiff 105sq ft balance lugsail.
  2. Oz Racer 89sq ft balance lugsails to suit Oz Goose, OzRacer Mk2, OzRacer RV, and Perttu Korhonen’s Ocean Explorer.
  3. Canoe 35sq ft balance or standing lugsail for canoe or small dinghies.

The sails will be continuously developed on feedback from friends and customers.  They also have some features that are only available on custom sails for an extra fee.

We still see very good sails for Goat Island Skiffs tailor made for boats through Duckworks USA, Doyle, Sailrite USA (Kits or fully made sails), MacNamara sails UK and others – if you are a racing type or want some custom features, speak to one of these and they will do an excellent job.

One of the first sets we made was for the Jim Michalak Hapscut design built by high level sailor (and former professional sailmaker) John Goodman for his family. First serious outing was for the Texas 200 mile event. John’s comments here.

Sailmaker for inexpensive sails for Jim Michalak Boat Plans -

Sailcloths are now mainstream Challenge and Bainbridge woven cloths and laminates, thread is Dabond a famous and respected brand.  Other items incorporated into ReallySimpleSails are the same that are supplied by Bainbridge, Challenge and other sources but being located close to production centres in Asia means we can often get the same goods at a cheaper price.

Sails developed with feedback from you

One example of specific development is that the Goat Island Skiff sail has three reefs built in.  This may seem like a lot to people who have not used a boat for family or adventure (or both) sailing, but it makes a lot of sense for changing gears and altering the performance of the boat to match the conditions and crew.  One thing we have found out from RAID events is that it is best that the first reef on the GIS is smaller than the others.  It does have quite a big effect as the sail is moved to a lower point and reduced in area simultaneously.  So the first reef is tremendously effective and can leave the boat feeling a little underpowered to experienced sailors.  So the three reefs on the GIS are uneven.

The OzRacer is quite different.  Its boxy shape gives it a huge stability so it can keep going under full sail until the wind is quite strong.  Then you definitely want to reduce sail.  So it has two equal reefs at no extra cost.

The sail depth has also been optimised with help from Rick Landreville to evaluate the Oz prototypes and Al Zuger to evaluate the GIS prototypes.  We found, for example that the flexible yard of the GIS required much more depth in the top part of the sail.  We aim to develop the sails continuously in the future.

This is one of the too flat pre production prototypes.  The head round was adjusted considerably for our production sails (photo Al Zuger).  It is deeper than it looks as the fold from tension along the head is making a crease.  With wind pressure that would change into sail depth.

inexpensive sails for Goat Island Skiff

Current prices and to Order a sail go to the Really Simple Sails page on Duckworks USA  for email me for locations more easily reached from the Philippines (see contact in left column on this page).  All sails will follow the USA pricing.

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