Clinton Chase (Maine) making a batch of oars – revisions to the free oar plans down the line

Clint Chase in Maine is about to make a batch of oars that are suitable for Storerboats.  They are nicely balanced with the right amount of spring.

He needs to do a batch to make it cost effective, so if you are interested in some handcrafted oars contact him to see which sizes he will be making first.

Clint’s page on oarmaking.

I do have plans for free oars – a 9ft+ set and an 8ft set with ply composite blades.  Clint will be helping me to produce a new design.  He is a serious rower and though my designs are OK he wants to fine tune them so they are better balanced and great.  That will happen in the next month or so.  But the ones that are available now are fine.

Clinton Chase makes wooden oars with carbon or quarter sawn timber blades

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One thought on “Clinton Chase (Maine) making a batch of oars – revisions to the free oar plans down the line

  1. Wow, this is great, thank you Michael. I also make spars in “small batches”.

    I like to think of the analogy to brewing beer in small batches. You get a boost in quality and it makes setting up the small shop a lot easier.