Could we do it?

Three Ozacer Basic Hulls Built in 4 working days?

Before going our various ways at Xmas Robin Badenoch and I with considerable help from Geraldine and Nathan had a shot at getting three basic Ozacer Hulls together in four working days.

Here’s the link
3 x Ozacers basic hulls built – thread on Oz Woodwork Forum. It also contains info on making masts and foils.

Geraldine and Nathan were work experience students from the local highschool that were working with Duckflat. Geraldine was from Adelaide but Nathan had come all the way from Switzerland.

Our timetable was …

Three weeks before Xmas
Me – sand the epoxy coated plywood and cut all the plywood panels for three boats. Clean up chine logs that were laminated the week before.

Two weeks before Xmas
Geraldine, Nathan, Me – dry fit all framing onto the plywood
Rob – Continue shaping rudders and centreboards – help others as required

Geraldine, Nathan, Me – glue all framing onto the plywood
Rob – about half time on the foils and half time on the gluing

Rob, Geraldine, Nathan, Me – Assemble the 3 hulls dry to check for problems then glue them up.

It was a desperately tight deadline – if one thing went wrong and caused any sort of delay – we’d be all heading off to our various Christmases leaving a pile of plywood sitting at Duck Flat getting dusty.

I must admit that the pics to the right give away the fact that we did get the three basic hulls together in that short time.

A very large part of it was, as I quickly found out, both Geraldine and Nathan were better woodworkers than I am!!!

I could still whip them with general assembly and handling of epoxy – but at woodwork I was a distant third. Actually, thinking of it – Rob Badenoch is better than me too!!!

Also … have a look at our Oz Goose sailboat – same idea but will sail well with three adults and singlehanded shows speeds that the OzRacer can only dream about (10 to 15 knots downwind and reaching)

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