Jani in Finland converts a Quick Canoe for rowing.

Plan Info – for canoe only

I eventually want to do a specific rowboat in the Quick Canoe family of boats.

But Jani, an industrial designer in Finland used the basic Quick Canoe hull and converted it to a rowboat including outriggers.

Quick Canoe converted to a Rowboat/Fishing boat in Finland.

Anyway … here is his story.

Hi Michael.

My colleague Perttu Korhonen encouraged me to start building a cuick canoe.

I ordered and bought instructions on early spring this year an started working at easter. And now everything is ready. I finished my work just on time for “middsummerfestival” and rowing canoe works great.

I decided to make some chances to original plan, I hope you don´t like it bad, but I thought I wanted to something, which is good for lakes and fishing, and works of course with paddles in the river too.

I added some pieces in the middle and used wider parts on sides, to make canoe more steady. I also made bigger decks on both ends and added also one extra bench.

The idea is that weather you row alone or take someone with you, you just change places and dimensions are always right.

As you see in the pictures, I made special metal rowlocks, wich makes distance between oars bigger.

And other speciality is metalrest for fishing poles. Both these metal”specialities” are locked with latches, so you can remowe rowlocks when wanting to paddle and rest can be placed on each bench according needs.

Canoe is now very stout and steady, and of course also little heavier than original plan. But the best thing is, that it works great by rowing. It slides fine and is light to row. Fishing with this canoe is enjoyable now.

And few pictures then.


Jani Kylmälahti
Industrial Designer

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