Redesigning and restoration of a Murray River Cruising Boat

Chris came to Duck Flat Wooden Boats with plans to fix up an old riverboat hull he had bought.

Duck Flat contacted me for some help

I helped go over the boat and work out how much it had deteriorated. Basically everything above decks was in poor condition but the inside of the hull looked OK – at last as far as we could see.

Chris spoke to Duck Flat about a major restoration and the Ducks asked me to do some preliminary drawings for the interior and some basic idea of the exterior appearance.

I have put together an article that explains the process on my website.

There is some chance that this boat might be for sale in its current state which includes an uninstalled Mercruiser inboard and the drive leg.


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2 thoughts on “Redesigning and restoration of a Murray River Cruising Boat

  1. Dear Sir,

    I am very much interested with model boat building. Now I am planning to build old river boats particularly in England. Will you please so kind to help me where I can find them.


    C Unan

    • Hi C. Unan,

      I am not sure if you mean the narrowboats that go on the canals – probably from the start of the industrial revolution. Originally horsedrawn and later with engines or boats like the Norfolk Wherry which was a sailing cargo ship that worked along the rivers of that region. The Wherries were able to drop their single mast to go under a bridge and then put it up again after – some were about 13metres long (I think)

      Here is a google search for the narrowboats – you can see there are some “Associations” – they are most likely to be useful.

      The restored narrowboat Taporley - originally for cargo

      and the Norfolk Wherrys (which were only one type of many traditional rivercraft)

      Norfolk Wherry - the cargo area is now for accommodation

      Best wishes

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