New Beth Sailing Canoe Video


Nice video of Dave Goetz BETH sailing Canoe in Florida below.

Beth Sailing Canoe

Beth homebuilt sailing canoe plan - classic appearance, quick building of plywood

Jan in Denmark found something interesting.

Hi everyone

After reading this forum for a couple of days, I realised I needed to register, fast. Lots of fantastic advice here, both from Boatmik and the rest of you. I am impressed.

A few words about me:
I have dubbed myself “the world’s slowest boatbuilder”. I have Michaels plans for both Beth and GIS, but I am still working on my first project, Oughtred’s “MacGregor” sailing canoe – which I have chosen to build by strip-planking rather than Oughtred’s model of lapstraking.
I have been doing that for two summers (!) in between family things and taking care of the summer house, which takes some working time.

Michaels advice on lug sails are a big help on my work on the MacGregor. You make a good case for this old-fashioned and simple, but efficient rig. I also like to commend you on your building advice with the plans. Clear and very easy to follow, even for us non-English speakers. I have been writing professionally (in Swedish) and I do appreciate good written instructions. It is a truly difficult job to write easily understood instructions!

Enough now. I’ll be coming back with more questions and comments.
But as a parting note I found a film of Beth that I have not seen mentioned in this forum (If i missed it, apologies):

a fellow named David Goetz in what looks like Florida or some other warm place

Regards from dark, wintry Stockholm where sailing season is six month’s away

Jan S

WELCOME … and a very exciting first contribution to the forum (from my point of view).

Thankyou HUGELY for finding the video and making the effort to put it up!!!

The discussion on the forum about the Beth Sailing Canoe Video is here

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