Not just beer and skittles!

So you have seen me sailing around enjoying myself for a bit.

Or at least that might be what you have been imagining after reading the previous post!

I’ve been crazily getting Peter’s two Mk1 PD Racers ready for the long trip to the Goolwa Nationals. They are finally in their yellow paint, I’m building two of the Mk2 masts to shoehorn into the little old boats and we have a couple of sails to build too.

But all the work has given me a chance to put together a pictorial on how to rig a PDRacer which I have posted on Flickr. I have labelled most of the pics.

The good thing about these pics is that they show a lot of the simple rigging setups we use on our boats so there is a broader applicability to many boats.

A lot is drawn from BEST PRACTICE in racing boats where the tendancy is to solve problems simply. Where they go wrong is that they do simple things with more and more expensive bits.

So we take the simplicity and leave the expense alone.

Rigging pics.

I still have to comment the last few photos but I should be able to do that while sane people are asleep tonight.

That’s it for now – I have a couple of masts to glue up thismorning.

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