Second prototype RAID41 joins Texas 200 mile race.

NOTE – there were significant problems with this design – please read here.

From Brian Pearson who is finishing his RAID41 in the UK, he has a rival in the USA!!!

Very exciting news!! (you can see I was excited at the time)

Right is the second prototype RAID41 “Platypus” which has just joined the Texas200 fleet.

and what a story. Receiving the plans only 80 days before the start of the event, Bryan set out a daily work schedule to achieve his target, and he failed, but did manage 82 days!!!!! Not even working full time on the boat, but working full time at work, only evenings and weekends. A terrific achievement.

It all started when Bryan contacted me about doing the Texas200 in 2009 only a little while back. He was thinking of competing in a MacGregor sailing canoe but would prefer to build a RAID41. I explained I had owned a MacGregor and that I found her very challenging in stronger downwind conditions and I would never think of sailing her on the open sea in such conditions. It had to be a RAID41.

How could MIK refuse the request, after all the whole design came about because of the 2008 Texas200. So a set of plans were released for this special situation.

With so little time available, there was no time for blogging or answering e-mails, hence the lack of any publicity to make sure Bryan could just concentrate on the build.

Bryan has promised pictures and reports when he gets back from the event.

If you look down the entries list

you will see Bryan listed as entering a 15′ canoe yawl, and also further down the list another entrant with the same surname, his father, who has entered the super min-tug that was pictured being used as the podium before the start.

Great News.


Info on the boat
Info on the Texas 200

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