Singlehanded Expedition and racing dinghy – RAID41

RAID41 Expedition Sailing Dinghy

After the success of the three little 8ft PDRacers in the 200 mile long TEXAS200

This led to a discussion on the Oz Woodwork Forum about a singlehanded boat for long distance events, but be a fair bit faster.

It attempts to leverage the simple construction into a longer and faster package that should be still be reasonably easy for a lone sailor to handle on land or water.

New Website for the design under development – the RAID41 Racing/Cruising Dinghy. The boat will leverage the construction methods I use to create a relatively simply built distance cruising sailboat for one person with the ability to carry an extra person for more casual sailing.

The stability is scaled to that of the PDRacer which feels very stable on the water and can sail in up to 20+ knots without reducing sail.

The RAID41 uses the same mast and foils as my OZ PDRacer design for anyone interested in upgrading.

The main addition in terms of complexity over the PDRacer is to provide a self draining cockpit. The OZ PDR comes up dry after capsize, but that method was not so feasible in a more curvaceous boat like the RAID.

It is being built by Chris Perkins and Brian Pearson in the wilds of Scotland.

Both Brian and Chris are heavily involved with the homebuilt boating scene in Britain, contributing at times to Watercraft magazine. Their favourite boat show is the wonderful, low key, Beale Park boatshow, where they will be showing the prototype RAID41, ‘Trim’, this year.

Brian sails a Keyhaven Scow, which must be one of the few balance lug rigged racing classes (tech discussion here) left in the world. The sailing level is very serious. John Claridge of International Moth Class design fame is heavily involved in building and rigging the boats.

You can follow the building of the prototype on the pages above.

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