Some Fun Boat Stuff – our old design projects page.

I have cut down on the number of sailplan, foil and appendage and rig work I have been doing to focus on my stock plans. However, from time to time I will add more information as other projects come up.

12lbs (5.5kg) The Amazing Balsa Canoe Experiment

5.5kg or 12lb balsa canoe.

My own boats keep getting smaller and lighter! J Henry Rushton’s Wee Lassie Canoe. Nothing for Sale here – just for fun. It was an experiment in lightweight that I didn’t expect to last. But Last it did with significant learning about how much glass is really needed.

Fenwick Williams Catboat – Rudder/Keel/Rig optimisation, Simplify structure for Cedar Strip, Design mast tabernacle

Fenwick Williams Catboat built in cedar strip at DuckFlat Wooden Boats Australia. detail design work by

Extensive detail redesign to make this boat easy to launch from a trailer by one person and also boost performance significantly.

Rebuilding/Redesigning a Murray River Cruiser.

Riverboat redesign for Murray River -

Chris bought an old hull that had seen better days. It had great space inside. This page goes through some of the design process showing some of the steps and also showing pics of how the boat is now.

New Sailplan for Norwalk Island Sharpie – ketch and yawl mods for Straydog boatworks.

Ketch and Yawl sailplans for Norwalk Island Sharpie 18ft -

We have modified existing designs. The Agents,, asked us to reduce the trailering length of Bruce Kirby’s popular boat by reducing mast height – but without sacrificing performance.

Development of Mundoo SOLAR BOAT PLANS for Duck Flat Wooden Boats.

Mundoo 3 large solar electric cruising boat.

Their existing design, but they weren’t planning to be published in WOODENBOAT Magazine, leading to a demand from the clamouring public for plan sets. We developed up a set of procedures with the Duck Flat team and prepared 22 detailed drawings. Their project, please contact them for information.

The Orange Boat – Turning a Slug into a Rocketship – Rig, Keel and Hull Structure modifications

Ted’s Orange Boat was real slow. But now this little 2 to 3 person keelboat is up near the top end of the fleet! Usually keel and rig optimisation Costs The Earth – but we have developed methods for simple building of high efficiency appendages and lightweight but durable masts.

15′ 6″ Rowboat – for Peter and “Daddles”

Simple plywood rowboat plan:

Was a page updated regularly to show the process of development to create a rowboat style that will keep two discerning customers happy.

Turn a Kayak or Canoe or narrow dinghy into an INSTANT SAILBOAT

convert a canoe and many kayaks or small dinghies into a sailing boat. Drop in Sailing rig. Quick CAnoe on Mt Storm Reservoir Virginia

Simple Drop-in Rig with leeboard. Gives just about any canoe or kayak the ability to sail to windward and downwind. Parts will fit inside most boats and can be removed very easily. With upgraded sail size thanks to Paul Helbert’s experiments above!

Steam Canoe – 24ft (7.2m) – Magnificent Classic

Building a Steam Canoe - Edwardian Thames strip planked canoe. Electric or steam -

Custom Hull Design – We worked out the hullshape – Roger Baker worked out the rest – inexpensive design cost but extraordinary result.

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