GIS and Storerboats Sailing Meetup 26-29 September, Cayuga Lake State Park, NY State

cayuga lakeSeveral Goat Island Skiff owners, builders and plan holders are meeting up for a camping 26 -29 September 2014 at Cayuga Lake State Park, New York, United States of America.   The map is not live – click here for a live map

Storerboats sailing and camping messabout -

Several GISs are making the trip and planning to stay the 3 or 4 days.

It is quite possible a new Goat will be launched on the weekend.

So if you have a Goat, are building one or are interested it is a great chance to see the boats in action.  Other boats welcome.

Goat Island Skiff Messabout - storer boat plans

Bring tent, food, a means to cook it, beverage of your choice, and children (for ballast). Bring Goat Island Skiff. Sea Pearls and other boats welcomed, but not eligible for prizes (that’s you Christophe 🙂 ).  Actually there are no prizes – just a chance to sail somewhere cool.

For further information feel free to email me and I will pass on to the organiser Dave LaFontaine.  Alternatively you can visit the GIS facebook page or pick up updates and further info on the storerboats forum thread.

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