Launching – Quick Canoe Electric in Hungary

Amatőr Hajóépítők Közössége has launched his Quick Canoe Electric.

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Well done!

Egy szuper kis SecPerc Elektro hajó épült. Remekül evezhető, és 4 lovas motorral is repül.

Trans: A super small SecPerc (Instant) built in electric boat. Great stabliity and 4 Horse Motor flying
It should go fast with 4hp … it is designed to go well with a 34lb thrust electric trolling motor.  There are videos of one flying with a 2hp outboard and one person aboard.  Maybe 12 to 15mph with the water in very glassy calm condition.the boat is not designed for such “big power” as 2 or 4 horsepower.  While it has very nice stability for carrying people there is a chance at higher speeds that it could trip and capsize suddenly at speed if it is turned suddenly.So caution is required if using outboard power.  Or more people to slow it down 🙂

Roughly translated

Nicholas received a report on the electronic SecPerc ship construction and the experience gained on the water: the complete electro-ship basis secpercPress ask me to plan. Specifically 02/12/2013. 12:20. day has rowed with him. Well could. The ice also managed to break through in the middle of the lake. At that time there was no ship lekenve paint and surface treatment in either.

The plan was modified to put it in front of the center brace / behind 1-1 seat, four yga personal ship. Due to the more rigid seat design of the ship. The nose section top cover approx. 20 cm longer made because of the bracing.

The boat waterproof 5 layer 6.5 mm thick birch plywood. (I do that Vízhatlanból seal). The whole ship is glued with epoxy (Alvin Platz)

bottom of the side plate filling, gluing me to fix that. In addition to the entire hull was laminated (epoxy + fiberglass cloth & epoxy) direct shipbuilding systems all purposes Alvin Platz Kft material. 
To the ship is even stronger after the external full lamination of the bottom plate and side plate crook fiberglass cloth strip & epoxy glued. The ship has been so particularly strong, nor inclined event of an increase of one side, twist. Very solid.

Easy to paddle with him, but it took him four engine with Danube’s current upward of 14 km / h, there were two parties (weighing about two people. 210 kg), down from 16 to 17 km / h (GPS measured Coast along with a small twist.

the stable ship, turns well and does not wobble. recording somewhat misleading, since it is full-throttle cornering between the back of the boat and water for at least 10-15 cm.

express withstand the waves of the Danube sudden storm broke out because of at least 30 cm oncoming ship even higher waves can smooth the skin. (as opposed to twisting and waves in the beginning has been bouncing on the water.)

The hull lekentem after the outer lamination outside two pot white boat paint ( Danube Platz), mahogany-colored glaze on the inside and outside lekentem 3 x 3 x sprayed.

If you have further questions, welcome to write more information

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Find out more about the Quick Canoe Electric – a picnic and fishing boat you can put on your car roof easily.

And the article on the Secperc Electric in Magyar (Hungarian) is here.

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