OzRacers, simple efficient homebuilt boats meet up in Hungary

A day with the OzRacers in Hungary.

OzRacers Hungary 2014 01

There’s a lot of interest in OzRacers in Hungary.  The inexpensiveness of the boat and its sailing ability are very attractive.

Ozracers in Hungary - simple cheap sailboat - storerboatplans

Much of the world has limited funds that exclude the classes that are popular in wealthier countries.  So the OzRacer is an excellent alternative to introduce adults and kids to sailing.

Ozracers in Hungary - simple cheap sailboat - storerboatplans

Three of the OzRacers decided to meet up on Lake Valence.

Also in attendence were two professional sailors who wanted to try the boats (possibly because they look so strange).

The report is that they very much liked the little boats.

Ozracers in Hungary - simple cheap sailboat - storerboatplans

More information

OzRacer RV – more for the recreational sailor

OzRacer Mk2 – more for the racing sailor


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