Gyula Launches his OzRacer (formerly Oz PDRacer) in Romania

Gyula Ferencz (hope I have remembered his family name correctly) has launched the second OZ PDR with the lug sail.

The boat sails very nicely and seems to pass the other boat easily.

Gyula should be proud. (he does look proud in the close up!)

That is one great looking boat!!!!

The sail looks fantastic too. I have seen professional sails with a worse shape than that!!!

It is the lug sail plan and instructions that is available free to purchasers of the OZ PDR plan (the boat plan is $20). This is the second sail I have seen from that additional information … both sails made by people who have not built sails before … ever. You can see the pics of the other sail below.

For those who don’t know the whole story … Gyula was up against a whole heap of problems about getting materials in the early days of the project.

EVERYTHING was difficult – epoxy was available in 200 litre lots for example!

Many weaker men would have crumbled … but Gyula kept going and now … this fantastic looking boat!!!

So cool.

The full set of pics and comments is here.


Thankyou Gyula!!!!

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Perry Degener

The point that “a lesser man would have crumbled” should be the matra that we all maintain when we work with our wooden boats. So much goes right, but when we make a mistake, the errors loom large! We just have to deal with the results and forge on!