Day 2 – S.F. Chinatown, Maritime Museum, two Goats and a Lucky Fortune Cookie

Walked through Chinatown again to go to the Maritime Museum with Oly an internet boatbuilding Friend from the PDRacer forum.

Saw two of my boats there that were built by kids from the less advantaged part of the city. Spoke to Seth (right, Oly is left) one of the teachers/organisers.

He was about to go out on the Alma a famous Scow Schooner cargo boat and several other old boats.

Lots of seals enjoy the wharves here.

Feluccas like this were used by Italian Fishermen before engines were common.

Then we drove through Some of the steep streets of san francisco before going via the Golden Gate bridge to Sausilito.

We saw a sign to a research institute that has a huge model of San Francisco bay.

Finally Oly dropped me back in Chinatown.

I had lunch of Pot-stickers (fried dumplings or Japanese Gyoza) which were delicious. Still second best to Mrs Chen’s in Adelaide, but very tasty still. I got a lucky fortune cookie.

Tomorrow I go boating and then catch the train to Portland in Oregon (overnight trip), where I will give a talk on Wednesday.

The full set of pics is in this slide show


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3 thoughts on “Day 2 – S.F. Chinatown, Maritime Museum, two Goats and a Lucky Fortune Cookie

  1. Wooou!
    And wou again. Nowhere does it say that a boat designer has to be equiped with such ability to carry-over the ambiance of his sorroundings.
    I had a gut feeling, but the picture stories are really astounding.
    My favorit: #1620. The bridge, then the fog, then the gulls, then the spinakers. What an eye.

  2. Lately auntie ABC has featured Stephen Fry (terribly famous wit) and Michael Palin (ex-Monty Python travelling personality) do it on telly, Don Watson has read his 2009 ‘American Journeys’, however this travelogue of yours is shaping as the one that best captures insights into bits of the USA that really grab my attention. Love the photo essays, you’ve a keen eye, love that Felucca (first sharp snap I’ve seen, ohh, Chapelle really nailed it). Safe trip. Best.

  3. Fry is one of my faves. Caught some of that in OZ. He is smart enough to cut quite deep, but kind enough to be gentle with what other people think.

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