Experiment with site advertising. Adsense – Opening windows/closing doors?

A bit off-topic but I am interested in what visitors think.

First I want to find out what visitors think … I have tried to keep the ads unobtrusive here and on my main website – www.storerboatplans.com – you can comment on any of the articles I put up by clicking the comment option under the posts. I am hoping the ads will not be annoying anyone too much!

I implemented Adsense a few weeks ago as an experiment to see what would happen with the revenue .. would it be worthwhile? I get about 600 to 750 individual visitors a day (sometimes three or four times that). How many would click on the ads?

Anyway … my plan is to let the situation stabilise and monitor my stats to see the time that people stay on my site. Then I will remove the ads for a few weeks and see what happens.

If I notice much drop in visit length I will dropping adsense as every customer that spends time on my site will be committed to me and either buy something or become a spokesperson for me. But if they don’t hang round … then I can’t turn the uncommited into the committed.

Apologies for moving away from boat discussion … back to topic from now!!!

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