Kits in Australia for the Goat Island Skiff

I am looking into a new kit supplier for Australia as Duckflat have moved out of that side of the business.

So the article below is about the kit that was.

We are looking at new ways of getting better kits into Australia right now.


Lot of background stuff happening over the last few weeks. Duckflat has been developing up a precut kit for the Goat Island Skiff and the Eureka Canoe.

Gosh it has been a steep learning curve. Have been back and forth with the cutting people to get things to work correctly. Computer cutters (the machines) are really dumb. But the engineering guys who run them have been extremely helpful and patient.

Ted decided to to a test run with a 1/4 scale version of the Goat.

These are all the main bits for the hull.

It is a great reminder of what a simple boat the GIS is. That is the LOT.

On the full size version there will be more detailed bits … like all the little gussets that hold the sub seat structure together will be precut too .. limber holes too.

There still will be a bit of trimming to be done so some parts have been left with a bit of excess because some parts of every boat take the bends a bit differently.

We are just a hair’s breadth from releasing them. If anyone is interested it is Duckflat’s baby … so contact them (not me) via their website

But I can talk about some of the generalities of computer cutting boat kits here.

Goat Island Skiff information

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