Robert Hoffman in Poland in his BETH sailing canoe – Pics

Plan info

Robert is slowly getting used to his Beth Sailing Canoe.

He put a nice set of pics up a few hours ago.

BETH sailing canoe. plywood boat plan

Now lets see if I can get the Flickr slideshow going again …


More info about the BETH Sailing Canoe (for experienced sailors only).

He made his own sails using a simplified sailmaking method I and some of my friends have worked out.

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6 thoughts on “Robert Hoffman in Poland in his BETH sailing canoe – Pics

  1. Hello,

    All of these photos made by my friend Wojtek Baginski :-))

    Best regards,


  2. Dennis Kannard says:

    Thanks Robert Hoffman, for the photos of Beth .I am also a Beth owner,I don,t see a lot around ,people don,t know what they are missing.
    Beth is a boat to go for a sail for a few hours after work or take for a day sail with a packed lunch.
    I am traveling Oz at the moment ,I will try to post some photos on returning home next year.
    cheers Dennis.

  3. Doug Minchau says:

    Nice Pictures, Wife had baby, moved into new house, set up garage and will complete my Beth by Christmas I hope. Thanks for the pics and support

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