Podcast, Chuck of Duckworks an idea for a Boat Festival and the Texas 200

I was sitting in Chuck’s car as we were driving to the Lake Conroe Messabout.  I knew that he had some plans for the Texas 200 event – to extend the concept and starting a new small boat festival on the Texas coast in a couple of years.

The talk about the boat festival is what turned into the Port Aransas Ply Wooden Boat Festival hosted by Chuck of Duckworks and Josh of Small Craft Adviser Magazine.

My set of boat photos from the Lake Conroe Wooden boat messabout.

Wooden Boats of the Lake Conroe Messabout

Wooden Boats of the Lake Conroe Messabout

Discussion about the boatshow that would become the Port Aransas Ply Wooden Boat show.

The festival is a conspiracy between Josh Colvin of the Small Craft Adviser magazine and Chuck.

The idea is to involve a small town on the Texas Coast in what will be an annual event, starting in 2011.

It won’t be specifically for wooden boats, but they will make up a big part of it.

There is quite a bit of road noise at times, but I have filtered a lot of it out.


Chuck of Duckworks talks about a different type of Texas200 event.

This Laguna has been built for next years Texas 200 boat event

This Laguna has been built for next year’s Texas 200 boat event

Chuck is also planning to have a second Texas 200 event next year.

The idea is similar to the gliding event of a “cat’s cradle” where there are a number of points the boats can head to. Each boat chooses which points it will go to.

This will make it rather interesting in terms of predicting the wind and working out which direction will advantage your monohull, canoe, kayak or multihull.

One interesting thing is that the race will be monitored in real time on the net using the SPOT locating devices which will update participant’s positions on the net.

Chuck has already been trialling the system using this year’s Texas 200.

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