I have been so far behind writing here …

It has been a hugely busy trip.

Museum photos

I think I take too many photos. Sorting them and keeping them all updated has been a never ending task. When I went to MoMA I took about 300 pictures, at Mystic Seaport 700, at the Kennedy Space Centre about 700 as well.

I then have to sort out the bad ones, fix any problems with the others and write something meaningful (and hopefully interesting) on the others..

I hope you are all enjoying them on Flickr

But for the moment I am not commenting here – the workload is too high while travelling.

This is written from Portland in Maine. Am at my friend Clinton Chase’s house. I will be giving a talk at his workshop on the weekend (see post above – click “Read More” at the bottom to see the whole thing.

A few emails and then I am off to walk into Portland to have a good look.

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2 thoughts on “I have been so far behind writing here …

  1. Hey, Michael — Any chance you’ll be visiting us at WoodenBoat? It would be great to meet you.

    I wish I could be at Clint’s on Sunday. Alas, I can’t.

    I’ll be in the office all of next week: 207-359-4651.

    My best wishes to you, Carl

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