First baby of the New Year – Handy Punt – Stable for Fishing

Handy Outboard Fishing Punt plan info

Fiona Harbison and a bunch of friends, family and other people who were unable to run away have finished their plywood Handy Punt which will be used for fishing and family outings.

Handy Punt Harbison








From Fiona:

Some people didn’t get my earlier note so apologies if you are getting this a second time.

We successfully launched the Farnark with appropriate fanfare a few drops of whisky and the celebratory lunch.

Sea trials have been conducted successfully and the Farnark not only floats but performs exceptionally well.

Thanks Michael Storer for your design and guidance during construction.

A happy new year to you and all the best for a wonderful, happy, safe, and prosperous 2010.

Now the name of the boat is Farnark.  I am not sure where the word comes from.

Farnark is the noun,  Farnarkling is the verb.  It is the process of making lots of activity without actually getting anywhere.  It was either created or popularised about two decades ago by John Clarke … a name you may know.

This is not his original farnarkling spiel but it gives some of the flavour.

Fiona came to build the boat because Helen her sister (hope that is right) built a Nutshell Pram in one of the Duckflat Woodenboat Boatbuilding Schools in either spring or summer a couple of years ago.

Helens Nutshell built at the Duck Flat boatbuilding school.

Helen’s Nutshell built at the Duck Flat boatbuilding school.

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On the "round Australia trip" I found myself employed by a tiny business in Adelaide - Duck Flat Wooden Boats in Adelaide.It was an eye opener - It became clear that one could build a boat for a fraction of the cost of current racing boats.My ideas hinged around high performance, easy building, fun to sail and reasonably cheapToday Storer Boats are built in all countries and we have active groups on Facebook for the following groupsGoat Island Skiff Open Goose Storer Boat plans Really Simple Sails

2 thoughts on “First baby of the New Year – Handy Punt – Stable for Fishing

  1. Helen Harbison says:

    Michael, Have to admit, the Farnark is proving to be lots of fun. David Wilson said, it’s one of the most used boats he ever owned.

    Congrats on the design. It’s as solid and stable as a rock. We do have a couple of suggestions and things we learned along the way if anyone is interested eg turning the bow and stern frames around and making them internal. And Fiona added inwhales which I think are really worth doing.

    What Fiona didn’t tell you was that the seats are all epoxied and varnished with a different tartan in keeping with our closest town up there, Maclean, which styles itself as Australia’s “Scottish” town. All the telegtraph poles on the way into town are painted with different tartans, so we thought we’d support the theme.

    The picture you have up of the pram is, however, not mine. My boat is a Joel White Nutshell. The one you have put up as mine is possibly one of Iain Oughtreds’ prams.

    • Thanks Helen, I was looking through all the shots of the various Duckflat schools you have attended .. I have hundreds of the things and picked a thumbnail that looked about right. If I have time I will find a correct photo … I have about 20 somewhere.

      I’ll try to keep you out of the frame – I know you are camera shy!

      Congrats on the boat!