2017 Goat Island Skiff Calendar Now available.

Every year we do a Calendar of the Goat Island Skiff. This is the cover of the 2017 Calendar

2017 Goat Island Skiff Calendar - order now - storerboatplans.com

2017 Goat Island Skiff Calendar is UP! Featuring the boats the places, the builders and the sailors.

Discount code ZCUSTOMGIFTS may work for a discount until tomorrow midnight.

12 photos voted on by the Goat interested community on FB 🙂 . Plus a bonus photo on the back cover. It is a non profit calendar. I add a small amount to production costs to cover the printing and delivery of the proof copy to a member of the editorial team.

GIS Photos from Poland, USA, Norway, Sweden, Croatia/Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Uruguay.

Default is to show USA holidays, but I have left it open to change. You can also change the year and the numbering style.

Calendar is just under USD30. Delivery is still possible before Christmas for some locations and certainly by the New Year.

For fun we also do a commemorative coffee mug. Normally only sell one or two

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  1. Confirmed … the discount code works until the deadline.

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