OzRacer wins PDRacer Worlds for the fourth time in five years

You can’t keep a good man down … or a good boat for that matter.  The OzRacer that won is the blue boat.

PDRacer 2013 worlds boats at dock before racing - ozracer design wins for the 4th time in 5 years

It is almost more impressive because the whole local fleet is new – a local initiative for family groups to build their own boat and that allows them to attract visitors too!

Rick Landreville won the Puddle Duck worlds in an almost stock OzRacer RV against a fleet in Port Alberni, British Columbia.

Rick Landreville winner 2013 PDRacer world champion in an OzRacer RV

Second was David Whitworth who was one of the many people responsible for building a local fleet of Ducks

PDRacer worlds 2013 2nd Place David Whitworth

And the last placegetter won the best trophy – a sail kit from Polysail International to help them terrorise the other local boats next season.

2013 PDRacer Worlds report - last finisher gets a sail kit from Polysail International

That’s four world titles in the last five years to the OzRacer – two in the OzRacer Mk2 and two in the OzRacer RV

Be aware the Oz still needs some minor mods to match the PDRacer class rules.  The last two worlds have been won by boats that were modified to fit their rules precisely.

The winds were very light for the three races, which can make it a bit statistical about who gets some wind and who doesn’t, however Rick had a clear win in all three races by clear margins showing that boat and crew were working effectively.

The boats are milling around prestart race 1.  There is a bit of current that makes sailing in such light wind challenging.

OzRacer RV sailboat wins PDRacer worlds 2013 -  before the start race 1

This is a photo Rick took just after he crossed the finish line in the first race

IzRacer design wins PDRacer 2013 worlds Rick looking back after crossing the finish line

And here is the photo from the 3rd race

OzRacer RV wins PDRacer 2013 worlds first racer clearing out on the fleet

And the participants

OzRacer wins PDRacer worlds 2013 getting ready to race

Oh … and Rick was using a racing sail to the OzRacer design – there are sail making instructions in the plan.  Because of time constraints and reasonable  prices Rick had Dave at Polysail International made a special Oz style race sail.  Polysails sells polytarps, materials, full sailmaking kits and finished sails.  They have two different kits for regular PDRacers and for OzRacer rigged boats  The OzRacer RV is in the foreground.

OzRacer wins PDRacer worlds 2013 the winning boat

But if you don’t want to race no need to modify the Oz for the PDRacer rules.

The advantages of an efficient boat, because

  1. It doesn’t cost any extra – maybe an extra 4 hours building time.
  2. If you are doing things right it will sail brilliantly
  3. If you do things not so well the boat will tell you
  4. It is lighter and more fun to sail

And you will have a whole bunch of admirers including people who know sailing backwards … because they can SEE the differences.  Another way is if you are self designing a Duck then the OzRacer plans (90 pages at $20)can show some great ways to improve your boat so it really sails.

You can see more about OzRacer – the $20 plan

The original OzRacer website

There are two versions of the Oz –

compare an OzRacer Mk2 with the more family oriented OzRacer RV - simple cheap sailboats that really perform

the OzRacer Mk2 for singlehanded and more towards club racing … though it will take a second person on left

And the OzRacer RV for more family oriented sailing on right – two adults can fit comfortably and there is a bigger somewhat cobbled together but good sailing 12ft Goose Version that can take two adults and two kids.

Lots of articles on improving and handling your PDRacer or OzRacer


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One thought on “OzRacer wins PDRacer Worlds for the fourth time in five years

  1. Little article in the Times – the Alberni Valley Times 🙂


    This last weekend, the Puddle Duck World Championships were held on the harbour in Port Alberni, and Rick Landreville from Rosedale, B.C. sailed away as the new world champion.

    His large sail was able to take advantage of the low wind conditions and run away with all three heats.

    Placing second was local sailor David Whitworth in the Weasel Duck.

    Third place went to locals Peter Ferguson and Alexander Miller in The Red Baron.

    Even with the “light airs,” the group was able to hold three heats, and Landreville won all three handily.

    Utilizing his larger sail and significant skill he was able to capture what little wind there was and comfortably win each race.

    The other placers in the race were, from fourth to 10th, Edwin Knight, Paul MacDougal, Don Dufour, Anthea Finlayson (with Lily and Jessica Finlayson in crew), Amanda Salvage (with Jacob and Jessica Salvage in crew), Trina Cote, and Carolyn and David Ness.

    As is fitting for the homemade nature of puddle ducking, all competitors contributed a trophy of their own making, and all the competitors got to choose a trophy from the table.

    A special prize donated to the race by David Gray of PolySail International was of a complete, brand new sail kit and went to the last place finisher, to help them improve their boat for the next race.

    The idea of a puddle duck racer is simple. An affordable sailboat to introduce people to the sport and encourage them to learn more about sailing. For around $300, you can build a fully functional class legal puddle duck racer in a couple of weekends, from simple plans using basic tools that you may already own. For more information visit www. albernipuddleduckracers.com.

    Kristi Dobson, For The Times / Two puddle ducks try to race each other against the wind in the harbour during the Puddle Duck World Championships on Saturday. The yellow puddle duck was run by Don Dufour of Malahat, B.C. and the red was run by Trina Cote.;

    – See more at: http://www.avtimes.net/sports/local/landreville-wins-puddle-duck-worlds-rosedale-man-takes-world-championship-during-port-alberni-races-on-saturday-1.341929#sthash.9EHQdyyL.dpuf

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