Mast, stopping it from falling out.

George Isted was the chap that raced the GIS against more “normal” boats on a weekly basis in Portsmouth UK last year resolving into a Portsmouth yardstick of 1117.

But more importantly, if your boat has a freestanding mast, what stops it from falling out?

I’ve sailed boats like this with little more than the downhaul tension and friction holding the mast in place.  But George was planning on some distance events including RAIDs.  Having the mast pop out in a capsize or if the sail needs to be dropped while capsized is quite an unpleasant idea.

So George has a neat fix.

how to hold a freestanding mast in during capsize -

It can be on any side of the mast not cluttered by downhauls and halyards.  a simple lanyard through the mast partner with a knot on both ends, one end under the deck.

The cleat is a Clamcleat CL212.  Available in black or white and left or right handed (doesn’t make much difference for this function.

CL212 leachline clamcleat


Available through Duckworks or Sailrite and many online and non-virtual chandleries and sailmakers.

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