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Goat Island Skiff - Armstrong Family Sailing San Diego -

Goat Island Skiff Plan Info – Simple Sailing boat, Excellent performance, Lightweight

The finally famous Goat Island Skiff is the lightest and simplest 16ft sailing boat I could come up with. Simple to Build with Modern Performance. She will sail well and handle impeccably at all times with 4 adults and is fastest with one or two aboard. Plans are extremely detailed and there is an active community of builders on Facebook.

Goat Island Skiff going fast downwind with heavy load - Texas 200

Strong wind downwind in unstayed Cat Ketches and Cat Yawls – more safety and efficiency

John Goodman and I sailed the immaculate Goat Island Skiff he built from my plan in the Texas 200. The boat showed itself to be one of the faster in the fleet despite loading up such a short boat with food, water and camping gear for six days with little outside support. We played with sailing the boat by the lee – a method used by racing boats to gain both speed and control. I document the method here including a video showing how the angle of heel can be controlled using the mainsheet.