Great New Website 2 – Eureka Canoe Building pics – launch videos

Peter Hyndman has been boiling down the essence of the Eureka Canoe he has been building.

So a great new website that runs through all the processes of building in a step by step way including pictures and description of each step.

It also has a link to the videos from our recent picnic in Mooloolaba where we had 3 PDRacers, 2 Eureka Canoes and the Goat Island Skiff.

There is one video of the actual launch of PhilW’s beaut Eureka and another with different groups of paddlers giving it a try. The varnish was only just dry.

Note that he didn’t waste too much wine in the video launch sequence.

I’m a bit interested about how women tend to like canoes above and beyond other boats – there is a real enthusiasm from them to try – where there can be reluctance with either sailing or motor boats.

Remember that the new storer forum has a couple of Eureka Canoe threads too.

Please enjoy!

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