Lunar Eclipse and Plywood Canoe

Viewing the eclipse from the middle of the lake in a canoe.

Pic by Marzello - click pic to see gallery

Thanks. I spent last evening out on the bay, in the cool of evening after a hot Sydney day.

I watched the lunar eclipse from the water, floating about and around the moored sailboats and having a beer.

It was a fantastic end to the day, and I always end up smiling after time out on the water.

Everytime I go out, people that live on the waterfront take a long look… wonder how many are thinking of getting a canoe? Should I do a letter drop with website addresses to your site?

Anyway Mik, thanks a lot… its added much needed peace to my life.  Enough of the lovefest, I’ve finally got the PVC glue and today I’ll make buoyancy bags and then get started on the drop in sail rig.

Wait till the bay dwellers see the QC under sail! 🙂


Plywood canoe to view an eclipse

This is information about the canoe plans

This is a link to Clinton’s build article

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