Videos of my designs – Storer Boat Plans

Last week Robert Hoffman in Poland got some nice footage of his BETH sailing canoe up on Youtube. See below

Click the photo for more photos.

Robert Hoffman in Poland sailing his Beth Sailing canoe - DIY sailing canoe

He built the boat last winter and has been learning to sail it this summer.

He is a designer himself – for objects on land – so I was really pleased when he decided to build BETH. He has done a nice job.

He has learned that to sail a sailing canoe that most of the steering is done by trimming the sails. He can make the boat tack and steer very effectively.

Anyway – this is by way of an introduction – you can view my video favourites on Youtube and see a bunch of Storer boats in action. There are a couple of clips that are not of my boats, but I have put up because they were interesting.

A final note on Beth. She really is aimed at very experienced sailors. She is the type of boat where you can expect to capsize, gzip
Accept-Charset: ISO-8859- sailing a Laser – but waaaay cooler!

More on Beth here.

Video link for storer boat plans again

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