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Full list of storerboat plans for sail, rowing, paddling, fishing and overnight stays. Plans for most boats are very comprehensive and the boats look just right despite simple construction methods.
Beth Sailing Canoe - storer boat plans

BETH Sailing Canoe for sale – Narrabeen Lakes, Australia

Dennis, in Sydney, has been blitzing around in his beautifully built Beth sailing canoe for well over a decade. He now has to reluctantly let go of this lovely looking boat. It really is for experienced dinghy sailors, but is rewarding to sail and easier on the bod than a Laser!
Goat island skiff john goodman in texas 200 mile event - storer boat plans

Everything Lug rig and lug sail?

All our lug rig information on one page. We have seen the change from the balance lug being almost forgotten to becoming the predominant rig for small self built wooden boat. This was the situation a hundred years ago. We can still use the cheapness and effectiveness of this rig to create boats with very quick and pleasant sailing characteristic.

TC35 Lightweight Liveaboard Riverboat Canal Boat

Length – 11.7m (35ft) Beam – 2.13m (7ft) Displacement – approx 1800kg (1.8 tons) (includes crew and tankage half full) Power – 10 to 15 hp High Thrust Outboard for cruising speed of 7 to 8 knots (or 2 x 10/15) for 9 to 10 knots Simple to Build – Prefabrication Method – Most of […]
Can I make my boat shorter/longer and court disaster - storer boat plans

Honey, I shrank the boat and it don’t work no more.

I’ve written about the stupid statements that get put on the net elsewhere. Here someone took the wrong advice “that you can stretch or shrink a boat a percentage” and applied it to one of my Goat Island Skiff plans. It wasn’t OK … the boat was useless after.
Riverboat restoration and new interior -

Design process from simple to complicated – Plywood Murray Riverboat

The problem with design is that it is relatively cheap. Sometimes fixed price. But it is not realised what successive design iterations are doing to the boat.In the end Chris was unable to complete the boat. Partially because the hull turned out to be in much worse condition than expected. But also despite some nice positives coming in terms of usable space below, other things just seemed to get more and more complex.
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Foiling – Forefront vs Fakes

Who is Foiling and who is Faking. Where is the real technical development? First a glimpse of history before we see who is foiling and how the Moth group solved all the problems. Yes … all of them. America’s cup just leaches off this amazing technical success. It is Trickle Up … not Trickle Down.
bamboo boat tech in the industrial age. Taiwan:

Taiwan: Bamboo Boatbuilding methods go Mega and Industrial

Industrial grade materials but the use of traditional bamboo raft tech have resulted in a huge variety of vessels in Taiwan. All still lashed together. Ranging from two oar single person fishing boats to trawlers 60 to 80ft long. Just lashed together. The truly surprising thing is just how fast they go together.
Building boats Fast:

Why I “hate” Boatbuilding.

By simplifying the design, you simplify the build. By eliminating or simplifying processes the build is further simplified. Examples that will make your boat simpler, lighter and better at what it is meant to do.
Ply keel stub construction. Turning a slow boat into a quick raceboat by optimising keel rig and hull. The Orange Boat Project:

The Fallen Keel – An adventure in keel design.

“My keel has fallen off” – Ray’s voice on the phone. So he dropped his sails and motored home. He asked me to design a new keel that he could build himself. This article goes through the process of turning a deep keeled boat into a competitive shoal shallow draft boat in a way one builder working by themselves can do.
Turning a slow boat into a quick raceboat by optimising keel rig and hull. The Orange Boat Project:

From Slug into a quick Swan – The Orange Boat modded keel, rig and hull

The “Orange Boat” was unbelievably heavy and just about fell over if anyone stepped aboard and it is a keeboat! The vendor couldn’t sell it. So Ted bought it cheap and asked me what he could do. So we simplified and modded everything to state of the art but constrained to using “normal” materials to keep the cost down. Would it be competitive with quick trailer sailors, sports boats and the classic Restricted 22 class with their big sails. Seems small, light and simple can be very fast.
Mundoo 3 large solar electric cruising boat.

Example of Solar Electric Real World Use – Liveaboard Boat and Cartop Canoe

How useful are Solar and Electric boats anyhow? The large Solar Electric Mundoo 3 was one of the more interesting projects I’ve been involved in. It was the brainchild of Robert Ayliffe, then at Duck Flat Wooden Boats and Ted Dexter. This liveaboard boat was featured on the cover of WoodenBoat magazine at the time and was a tremendous success for the owners who found it fitted their needs perfectly.
Ken junk sailing vietnam 02 lug and Junk rigs:

On Sailing a Vietnamese Junk and a comparison with our Lug experience.

Ran into some great photos and information on sailing a real Vietnamese Junk. I’ve seen plenty of half hearted replicas in HK, but this one is the real deal from Ken Preston. A traditionally built boat that is being restored with no intention to put a motor in it. Ken has one of the best blogs about South East Asia and Boats.