FAQ – Boat Building and Repair Methods. Epoxy, Timber, Plywood, Glues

Why Epoxy is Good for Boat building – Prevents Rot, Gapfilling, Good Adhesion

A 30 year review of using epoxy for boat building. How radically boats became better in the 1970s

Glues – Epoxy vs Resorcinol – short answer

Glassing – Epoxy Resin vs Polyester Resin – short answer

Preventing Rot Pt 1 – The Good, the Bad and the Fugly

Preventing Rot Pt 2 – Epoxies that “soak in”

Eliminating Screws and other Fasteners – save money and do a better job

Are 1 to 1 (1:1) Epoxys any good for boat building

Using Epoxy – Fibreglassing, Glass Taping, Glues and Gluing, Coating with Epoxy, Laying Teak Deck overlay veneer, Repairing Wood Rot

Fibreglassing 1 – small areas – How to fibreglass chines or joins between hull panels

Fibreglassing 2 – How to do small complex areas – double bias tapes and why does my fiberglass bubble?

Fibreglassing 3 – bigger areas – How to fibreglass larger hull areas – centreboards, rudders, leeboards, keels and hulls

Saving Labour by precoating plywood sheets with epoxy

How do I apply epoxy glue fast, accurate and clean – using snap lock plastic bags (better than piping icing)

Saving Material and Labour with epoxy for my small boat building

Painting and Varnishing Advice

Incase you have been hiding under a rock – cordless drills for timber structure assembly – speed up your boat building

How to use Sikaflex and Epoxy for Teak Decks over Ply

Teak Decks and Sikaflex, 5200 etc

Why is the epoxy still soft?  Epoxy curing problems

What is the best way of preparing timber for gluing or fiberglassing? Sand or plane and what grit sandpaper?

A lightbox to keep epoxy warm so it spreads easily and pumps well in cold weathers

FAQ section on How to glue endgrain in joints and scarfs

Impact Strength – How much fibreglass will protect my plywood boat from rocks, stumps, logs and other hazards – How to repair holes in plywood small boats almost invisibly

Boat Building Repair methods (also use at top of page) repairing holes, fixing up old plywood Dinghies, Mirror Dinghy Repair, Sabre, International Cadet, Scantlings for old boats

Fast, easy boat repairs because of eliminating fasteners from the building process.

Racing Dinghy repair and restoration step 1 – Is it a keeper? Restore an old cheap plywood racing boat or ditch it?

Plywood Racing Dinghy repair and restoration – what details to spend money on and what not to.

Fixing up an old Plywood dinghy – Mirror dinghy (plywood/glass taped seams)

How to remove OIL and DIESEL that has soaked into Timber Boat Hull

Why I hate Silicon sealant

USL Code for finding sizes of timber parts of older boats

Selecting timbers to build a canoe or kayak in Australia.  Paulownia, Jarrah, Cedar – good or bad. Strip planking and plywood boat building

Boat Building Methods, General non epoxy – cedar strip, decks, lightweight small boat building

Torture Boards – how to get cedar strip or deck framing smooth so decks aren’t lumpy.

Join Plywood for Decks – Which is a bad method and the proper method?

Lightweight timber for lightweight small boats – which timber? Paulownia (Kirri)

Fast building two plywood canoes over a week in France – we struggle with cold and rainy weather.  Using epoxy and Duct tape

Design and Plan info – Altering or modifying boat plans, Birdsmouth spars, Dory design, Collision, Canoe design

Is it OK to shrink or stretch an existing boat design by a percentage – and a case study that shows it doesn’t work usually.

Old plywood boat designs (Hartley etc) vs Modern Designs (epoxy technology) – changes in Boat building

How the Small boat plans business works and, perhaps, how to use it to your advantage

Birdsmouth Spars – butt joints or scarf joints?

Is it sensible to design a lightweight plywood Dory for rowing or sailing?

Cedar Strip and Impact – Building cedar strip boats strong enough to take impact – canoes and sea kayaks and beach landings

Canoe Design – features of plywood, strip planked, fibreglass canoes and sailing and paddling canoes

Will giving my boat, surfboard, windsurfer, sailboard or yacht a golfball dimple finish reduce drag?

Racing Boats, Using Boats, Boat Safety, Boat tuning including Lug and Sprit Sails

Learn to sail – choosing a first boat – buy, build or secondhand?

Some basics of learning to sail that often get ignored.

Video Tutorial – Gaining downwind control and safety  through rig trim.  Applies to unstayed mast rigs, Cat rigs, ketches and yawls

Why wearing lifejackets is essential – and how to get kids to wear their lifejackets!!!

How to Set up lugsail and spritsail rigs (also lateen sails) for excellent performance – focus on balance lugs but applicable to standing lugs and Lateen.

Racing Sailing Dinghies and Yachts – the low stress way of doing very well !?!

Making Carbon Fibre small boat Components and comparison with wood.

Why exotic second hand parts of other boats cant be used on OZ Racers or Oz Geese

Construction and Building Questions from the Early OzRacer days.

Relate to OzRacer, OzGoose and general boat construction and sailing.

Hull Structure for Plywood Boats

How light can a OzRacer be built of wood? 10kg/25lbs?

The Death of Small Boat Sailing in Australia.  TOO EXPENSIVE.

Designing sailboats to be stiff. Oilcanning and Twisting and the role of torsion boxes 


What  are the correct plywood thicknesses for  robust small boat building

Peter on how much resistance to puncture does ply really need to have

Centerboards and Leeboards

Leeboards vs Centreboards in Small Boats

Why the centreboard position in scows is different from pointy bowed boats and why it ended up not making a difference to the OZRacer

Are there shallow draft options for the Oz Racer – my local waters are tres shallow

Which is better – a swinging centreboard or dagger board for small boats?

NACA Foils and the performance advantages

Hull Design

Discussion about the extreme aft location of the OZ Racer centrecase


Capsize and Recovery in OZ Racers and Oz Geese

Why we don’t use mainsheet cleats and design for capsize and economy.

Rig, Fittings and Sail

More on planing and the behaviour of polytarp sails in stronger wind.

Photo Gallery of Rigging a OzRacer or Oz Goose and other lug rigged small boats to show how to get the right sail shape – Sprit Rig – Oz Goose Website

Photo Gallery of setting up a lug rig for efficiency – not an OzRacer or OzGoose but same principles

Sailing the boat well

OzRacer, OzGoose and planing – spray in the face – wind in the hair!

Sailing upwind efficiently – how fast in a non trapeze boat

Working out how well your small boat performs upwind – Leeway, tacking angle, pointing angle

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