First sailing photos of low cost sails for Storerboats

Daniel Caselli in Uruguay got out early on Sunday morning to get some shots of the sails from the project. Click here to order a sail.

In a recent mail I told Mic that I still waiting for normal summer weather conditions to do more tests and video/pictures.
Only some pro Kite surfers, and of curse surfers are delighted with these series of heavy storms.

Every night, wen with my son Ian we check the weather — wind and waves for the next day — he tease me “Sorry Dad, bad conditions to sail… and you are to old to learn surfing”. No comments.

Here they are. - Cheap sails for Goat Island Skiff, OzRacer, OzGoose, PDRacer, PDgoose

Needless to say we are very happy with the way the sails look.  I’m very relieved about the design process and very happy with the hard work put in by the sailmaking team in the Philippines.

They are quality sails at a very affordable price, about half the price of a normal custom sail.  They will save about $300 dollars or more when building a boat that uses their sail for the GIS or the Oz serie; the OzRacer, some PDRacers or Perttu Korhonen’s Ocean Explorer.

So far Duckworks in the USA has stock and supplies worldwide at very reasonable prices.  Duckflat in Australia will receive their first stock in a fortnight. - Cheap sails for Goat Island Skiff, OzRacer, OzGoose, PDRacer, PDgoose

This was what Daniel wrote after the morning sail

We live in an era of consumption, with the majority of material things industrially manufactured by strangers or robots (except our Goats …).

When “artisans” make beautiful and useful things with their hands, like RSS’ people, it is a great pleasure to use it. My warm greetings to the Philippine team. - Cheap sails for Goat Island Skiff, OzRacer, OzGoose, PDRacer, PDgoose - Cheap sails for Goat Island Skiff, OzRacer, OzGoose, PDRacer, PDgoose

Affordable sails for Storer Boat Plans - Goat Island Skiff, OzRacer, PDRacer, Ocean Explorer


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  1. As of February 2014 the GIS sails are $380 and the Oz series sails are $360 (US dollars not including shipping). For shipping and ordering info see