Towing a PDRacer behind a larger boat


Towing behind another boat can be one of the highest loads that a small dinghy can face.

Imagine if it fills with water and the mother ship is surging ahead in bad weather.

So how to distribute the load into a lightweight skinned structure like the OZ PDR.

OK … here is how.

It might be overkill with respect to the two runners that go up the height of the bow transom, but everything else is quite minimal. The load is spread through the mast step structure and the bow transom. That is quite a bit of surface area.

Generally it is good to keep the towing eye down to help keep the bow of the towed dinghy out of the water and hopefully to make it stand on its tail a bit.

This is a super INDUSTRIAL grade solution which is not required for most boats.

If wanting to fit a simple ring or eye for club racing this method of fitting a tow ring to a PDRacer can be used.

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