Drop in Outriggers – photo and comments from the Philippines

Outrigger plans info

Drop in outrigger plan for canoe or kayak and some dinghies

David Jacka built the boat in the photo above in the Philippines.

Plan info for the Drop in Outriggers – plywood and epoxy

Hi Michael,

I thought you might like to see a picture of the DK Dinghy fitted with your outriggers. The dinghy is 15ft long and 4ft max beam.

I use it for fishing and snorkeling in the Philippines in coastal waters, with five people it is well over loaded but the stability with the outriggers is superb. Getting back in the boat from swimming is very easy, it would be virtually impossible to capsize.

The shallow draft makes it easy to get over the rocky shoreline.With three adults it pushes along well with a 5hp outboard.The outrigger design is simple and the lines are great.

Best regards
David Jacka

The drop in outriggers were designed to be a light and simple solution to add a lot of extra stability to a canoe or kayak. They can work ok for dinghies that are not too high, too wide, too long or too heavy.

It works in conjunction with a sailing rig on a suitable canoe or kayak or, like David’s boat can be used in motor or paddling mode only.

With a slender and nicely shaped canoe as the main hull it sails very well indeed if you make sure the leeward hull is held deep in the water – it acts like a centreboard. I don’t generally recommend using the outriggers for a heavy sailing boat as the sailing loads can get very high. But for a canoe or kayak it works very well.

Makes a very stable platform for diving or fishing.

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  3. This boat looks very interesting… It must be great to enjoy beautiful sea in it.

  4. Paul Helbert says:

    Whoa! That’s beautiful. Maybe I should retire to the Philippines.