Is the OzRacer or Oz Goose a good looking boat? Part 2

OZ Racer sailboat Plan

Hi Dave,

If wondering about laughs when the pdr is sailed against more conventional boats
… maybe you need to see the video of the PDR sailing against a tender with a
nutshell rig.

The video is meant to produce a smile and a slight scratching of the head rather
than a laugh.

The boats are, of course, designed for different purposes. However the other
boat probably represents some aspect of “acceptable performance” for boats in
this size range.

Several have been tempted to say it is pure sail area. But the PDR has the same
rig I was happy sailing around with in 20 to 25knots unreefed. That is the
stability of the hull playing out.

So the sail area is appropriate to the boat and part of the package that gives
the boat its range of performance.

The video is set up as a joke, but it is true too.

The other side is that while the PDR (with good sails and foils) is very
efficient up to around 5 or so knots it doesn’t have the high downwind speeds of
raceboats of a similar length – with the PDR topping out at around 8 or 10
knots. However this does feed back into the predictable handling of the PDR.

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