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Taal Touring SUP – Stand Up Paddle Board

Taal Stand Up Paddleboard SUP. Not for surfing but for speed over distance with stability for beginners. Lightweight ply construction

lightweight simple plywood SUP - stand up Paddleboard -

A beautiful plywood Stand Up Paddleboard designed for distance paddling. 12ft and Stable for beginners but with the low drag of a kayak/pintail type hull (see the stern photos). Very detailed Plans $80

Goat Island Skiff – simple ply, modern performance and famous worldwide

Goat Island Skiff. Easy to build and well known for its good sailing ability.

Dave LaFontaine's Goat Island Skiff Chivita with New York Backdrop

An excellent sailing skiff – light, fast, pretty and easy to build. Rows and Motors and will sail rings around other character boats. Very detailed Plans $100

Visit the Goat group on Facebook.

Quick Canoe 155 – Simple build in a 2+ weekends.

Quick Canoe. First one built in 4 hours. Usually 2+ weekends.

Plywood DIY canoe looks good on the beach.

First one took the builder 4 1/2 hours to get on the water – but me longer! It has been designed to be as easy to build as possible while keeping some of the qualities of a good paddling canoe – in particular the ability to track – Click here for a comparison between plywood canoe plans.

Quick Canoe Electric – Cargo Canoe for Electric trolling Motor 34lbs thrust

Quick Canoe Electric . DIY plywood for for fishing and roofracking

Quick canoe electric for cheap trolling motor. Family cruising. quick build, economical to run.

Keeps the simplicity and low materials cost of the Quick Canoe Family. Does 5 ot 6mph with good range with a 34lb thrust Minn Kota or other electric trolling motor.  Very detailed Plans $30

Eureka Canoe – pretty, simple and classic

Eureka plywood canoe - a nice paddling classic canoe - very light - 45lbs or less

eureka plywood canoe plan. Scarf or butt strap join for plywood boats

Light on the land, Pretty anywhere, Excellent distance touring boats. 15’6″, simple construction 44 – 32lbs (15 to 20kg) – Click here for a comparison between plywood canoe plans.

Oz Goose – fast, family friendly 12 ft boat that is about the simplest build.

Oz Goose. Class racer or a simple family sailing boat. Outboard motor for fishing too

kids learing to sail in an Oz Gooze simple inexpensive sailboat - storer boat plans

Oz Goose seconds before massive nosedive. Video here. Storer boat plans

Ten boat Oz Goose community build Cebu Philippines.

The Oz Goose is super easy to build, has excellent racing performance but is stable and docile enough for three beginners to sail with good sensitivity and speed. Lighter than a Laser and a fraction of the cost. Plan $36. Link goes to Oz Goose Website.

Also visit the Oz Goose Group on Facebook

15 1/2 ft Rowboat – easy pretty plywood rowboat

Storer rowboat - plywood, nice looking rowboat that you can build.

Simple, lightweight rowing boat for one person based on the Goat Island Skiff.

“BETH” Sailing Canoe – simple, brilliant performance – one person cartop.

Beth sailing canoe plan - the best performing classic sailing canoe and also the simplest.

Beth sailing canoe heading upwind with yachts in the background. A lug rig can point.

A touch of the 1870’s but fast and fun. Yawl Rig with speed. Racing dinghy experience recommended!  70lbs hull. $100

OZ RACER – 8ft version of the Oz Goose – 2 designs.

A shorter version of the perfect first sailing boat – cheap, fast to build and an excellent sailer.  Plans $20 – a modern boatbuilding course in a book.

ozracerRV plan - simplest possible sailing boat, detailed cheap plan.

OzRacerRV $20 – The simplest possible plywood sailboat build, more space in the cockpit for two people. Also see the 12ft Oz Goose for more Capablility with two or three adults room for the family.

first two ozracer simple sailboats -

OzRacer Mk2 $20 – the best simple plywood sailboat for experienced or solo sailors wanting very best performance – formerly the OzRacer Mk2 – Also consider the 12ft Oz Goose for more capablity with two or three adults – room for the family

Handy Punt – simple plywood fishing punt – roofrack

Handy Punt, simple outboard fishing family punt, stable, easy to roofrack.

Handy Punt Plan. Light simple cartoppable fishing and family outboard utlity.

Outboard motored Punts are the simplest boats Good performance, easy construction, stable fishing platforms and lightweight.

Micro Sleep aboard Beach Cruiser by Perttu

Ocean explorer microcruiser 8ft based on OzRacer.

A brilliant bit of industrial design. A tiny 8ft sleepaboard beach cruiser.  Easy to store, inexpensive to build, but uses all my highly developed Oz Racer parts except for the hull. This takes you to the Duckworks website.

Russki – a simple one person plywood surfski

Russki, simple sit on top paddleboard surski.

Two sheets of ply.  Roofrackable The most portable type of boat.

Dayboat/Launch 23/27ft (7/8.4m) – Simple Cruiser

Dayboat Launch comes in 23 and 27ft versions. Minimal sleep and camp aboard motor cruiser for outboard.

Dayboat Launch Picnic outboard cruiser or minimal stay aboard.

2 lengths in the one plan pack includes Venezia below. Picnic boat, party boat, rivercruiser, campaboard, mini home-away-from home.  Simple construction. 10hp 4-stroke.

“Venezia” trailerable canal boat sleeps 2 to 4

Venezia Riverboat Cabin Cruiser, minimal sleep aboard. Flexible interior.

A 8.2m (27ft) boat for gentle cruising in rivers and canals. Great appearance, sleeping accom, sep. toilet.  15hp 4-stroke

TC35 Riverboat – minimal liveaboard boat 35ft

TC35 minimal liveaboard lake and river cruiser. Very economical.

Revised design for an efficient low horsepower riverboat – 35ft. 1 x 15hp or 2 x 10/15hp.  Simple Construction

Drop-in sail Rig for canoes and kayaks

Drop in sailing rig converts almost any canoe and many kayaks into a sailboat. One piece supports mast and leeboard and removes easily.

Plan for drop in sailing rig - convert a canoe or kayak into a simple sailboat that works

Turn almost any  Kayak or Canoe into an INSTANT SAILBOAT.

Canoe Outriggers – Plywood, narrow hull stability. Diving, Sailing, Fishing, Snorkelling

Drop in outriggers for excellent sailing ability or a stable fishing or diving platform. No component weighs more than 10lbs.

Drop in outrigger plan. Turns any canoe, kayak or narrow dinghy into a stable sailing or diving platform

Use a Canoe or Kayak for performance sailing or as a stable fishing platform or to make a super quick sailing multihull


Free Paddle Plans from storer boat plans. full quality commercial plan for free

Free paddle and oar plans. Classic designs Herreshoff with simplified blades.

Classic TWO bladed paddle Classic SINGLE bladed paddle, BENT single bladed paddle 9ft Oars – drawing only

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On the "round Australia trip" I found myself employed by a tiny business in Adelaide - Duck Flat Wooden Boats in Adelaide.It was an eye opener - It became clear that one could build a boat for a fraction of the cost of current racing boats.My ideas hinged around high performance, easy building, fun to sail and reasonably cheapToday Storer Boats are built in all countries and we have active groups on Facebook for the following groupsGoat Island Skiff Open Goose Storer Boat plans Really Simple Sails