OzRacerRV plan available – more simplification – Nice photos Hungarian Ozracers

Finally I finished the plan for the new OzRacer RV.  It is a much simpler build of the original OzRacer concept so will be very attractive to people looking for a first boat.  Plans are still the old $20 but even more detail than before.  Order the plans for the simple and cheap OzRacer RV sailboat here.

Great photos of two new OzRacer Mk2 sailboats in Budapest, Hungary

first … have a look at these great pictures of a couple of OzRacer Mk2 that were launched in Budapest, Hungary over the last week.   Plans available here – same $20 sailboat plan.

OzRacer Mk2 sailing in Budapest, Hungary. Cheapest simplest boat and don't they look good on the water!

From the builder Jeno:

The lugger rig is ready for OZR HUN-8!
The power is very impressive of the new rig! The mast is remained the carbon one, the flexibility and the stregth seems enough. Tis afternoon I try it again, the wind is 35Km/h.
Now, I learn the settings, for get the best performance.
Also, this afternoon will be the first flight of OZR HUN-7!

Launching two OzRacers in Budapest Hungary.  Excellent simple sailboats built in plywood from plans

And a video … the boats like rougher water even better.  This type has strongly re-educated me about what is essential for good boat performance rather than what is conventional thinking.  The new OzRacer RV has the same sparkling performance and proper efficient racing dinghy feel.

varnished plywood ozracer in Budapest, Hungary.  Two boats on the lake.

And there is a video of one of the boats too.

Plans now available for the OzRacerRV – making the simplest sailboat even simpler.

But now to the new OzRacerRV

$20 for detailed plans for the OzRacerRV simple cheap sailboat available from my agents – click here

OzracerRV (formerly Oz PDRacer Mk3 - doesn't comply with rules so now is its own class.

  • 98 pages including timber lists in imperial and metric,
  • building instructions with full detail of all building methods
  • Simpler building method using duct tape to temporarily assemble the hull.
  • full method for making a decent sail out of polytarp and
  • rigging directions.
  • Sent direct to your email address.
View:  More Launchings - Stephen's Goat Island Skiff

How to choose between the OzRacer Mk2 and OzRacerRV sail boat plans.

The plans for the OzRacer Mk2 and the OzRacerRV are the same price – $20.

Buy Mk2 Sailing dinghy Plans

Buy RV Sailing dinghy Plans

The differences are smaller than you might expect in terms of sailing.

If you are a beginning sailor or wanting to get the boat on the water quickly and simply the OzRacerRV is the best choice.  It builds faster, requires less timber.  It is one extra sheet of plywood but the simpler and faster assembly is well worthwhile.

The OzRacer Mk2 is a boat that will appeal more to the experienced sailor.  Everything is set up according to normal Dinghy Racing setups.

The RV has a leeboard which keeps the cockpit completely clear for the extra crewperson.  They are ideally located to share the sailing whereas in the Mk2 they really can only be a passenger.  The leeboard does mean for experienced sailors … that the boat will have weather helm on one tack and lee helm on the other.  But I have set it up to be only slight lee helm and the rudder is big enough to balance the weather helm without excessive angle or drag.

Also if I was doing a long trip I think the RV would be simpler to stow gear.

Here is the simple buildling method of the RV using the revolutionary duct tape method that simplfies the building over normal stitch and glue.  The whole interior of the boat is clean when duct taped together so it simplifies the glass taping or epoxy filleting of the inside of the boat before the duct tape is removed.


And here is the more conventional assembly of the OzRacer Mk2


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5 thoughts on “OzRacerRV plan available – more simplification – Nice photos Hungarian Ozracers

  1. Joe Koenecke says:

    Looks like a great idea…I want one!

    Would it be possible to have a kick-up lee board?

    • Howdy Joe,

      It is possible, but you lose some of the efficiency of having the foil inboard. I personally think it gives too much away.

      I, personally, would rather that the boat stop if it hits something. The efficiency of the dagger setup often means that if you keep the boat moving nicely – not pinching too high – you can sail with little more than a foot of board down. With a decent depth swinging leeboard the area has moved too far aft to get upwind nicely.

      But if the water was really really shallow continuously there is little choice. You don’t need much to bolt the leeboard through. Just a thin ply part bulkhead and a 3/4 x 1 3/4 cleat glued to the bulkhead and the side of the boat.

      Best wishes

  2. After a bit of thinking, we’re going with the PDGoose. Being about 12′ I feel it’s a stabler platform for the 5 year old 1st mate to learn the art and science of off the beach dinghy sailing.
    And I reckon we could do a bit of micro-cruising with a Goose too.
    One day though we will build the GIS Yawl….

  3. A modified rocker for an expedition Goose would be great! (I think)

    How would you like to pass on the info?