Tasmanian Wooden Boat Show and the Goolwa Wooden Boat Show

Seeing that I am getting the two boats ready for the festival season here is some info about the two major ones.

The Australian Wooden Boat Festival – Hobart, Tasmania
The Tasmanian Wooden Boat show is definitely bigger but the Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival is much more hands on – as the grassy bit the festival is on is only a few inches above the water.

I won’t be at the Tassie show but will be represented by BoatCraft Pacific and Duck Flat Wooden Boats on their stand.

South Australian Wooden Boat and Music Festival
Goolwa Wooden Boat Show is my favourite show. It is much more about small boats and generally there is a crowd of around 15,000 through the two days. This year it is three days at the beginning of March.

It is my favourite show because of the level of activity – with boats being launched and coming into shore all the time, racing (also close to shore) – it is really lively.

The pics right are of the Goolwa show – I couldn’t find ones that really represent the amount of boats leaving and arriving from shore for this festival – it is really busy!

I’ll be there both on the Duck Flat stand and plugging and sailing the Puddle Duck Racers

Iain Oughtred designed boats have a big annual gathering at this show too – as well as dozens, hundreds(!!!) other boats of differing designs – mostly in small to medium large in size.

Boats for the rest of us!

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