Sailing Day For OzRacers (PDRacers welcome) in Adelaide and the Port Vincent/Stansbury Boat Festival

Now we haven’t had a huge amount of luck with our PDRacer days in South Australia. While I did make a new PDRacer speed record, the conditions were mostly too strong at the Goolwa wooden boat show.

However there are a couple of opportunities to see (and possibly sail) an OZ PDR if you are in South Australia in the next fortnight.

Date : 6th APRIL
However Rob Badenoch and I are looking at going to West Lakes on Sunday 6th as a practice run to make sure the PDRacers are all working OK for the Stansbury Wooden Boat Festival the following weekend.

Still finalising time, but similar low key approach to last time. Start around midday, go for a couple of hours, “hang out” and watch the boats and sail a bit.

Oops – I had better check to see there are no rowing comps.

Planning to have two or three PDRs for starters – so all others are welcome too.

But watch here for further information. I’ll also put a post up there if the weather is doubtful.
More information as it develops here.

Date: Fri, 11-13 Apr 2008
Most of the small boat activities on Sat and Sun.

It is a great local festival in an area with a great maritime heritage. I’ll be over there as part of the Duckflat contingent and then dashing back to Adelaide for the Duckflat Autumn Boatbuilding School.
More information about the festival here

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