Koala builds a Eureka Canoe in Europe!

Since finding a UK Agent and doing some linguistic work on my website the spread of boats being built to my plans has become … rather large.

The Excerpt is written by “Koala” in Slovenia (sorry Koala for my confusion about Slovenia/Slovakia) who is building a Eureka – the reason for the name? Maybe he sleeps all day?

One of the problems for builders in that area is that the small boat building infrastructure just is not there – but as more people start building there will be some little businesses start up – or at least the knowledge will circulate.

Greetings to all.

I have been following this thread for a while since I’m also building my own Eureka and findtips here quite helpful. You can observe my progress on the boat (sorry its only in Slovene – far, far away, but you can see some pics):

http://www.kanujerojen.blogspot.com/ But my question is this. How do you guys manage to mix the filler that doesn’t stay white? My supplier here says they only have such type of hardener that is white. And as I would like my boat to have natural wood colour this bothers me.


You can see the answer here in the most monster Eureka thread on the Woodwork Forums.

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One thought on “Koala builds a Eureka Canoe in Europe!

  1. Hi Michael, this is Koala

    So, you are wondering why this name? 🙂
    Well I’ve been living in Australia (Sydney) with my familly for 4 years studying theology. Since I like the little creatures and we actually saw one on a tree I used this pseudonim for one of the forums and the name stayed with me ever since.

    My real name is Peter and I’m from Slovenia (not Slovakia – I know it’s easy to confuse the two). We are only of about 2mil population but we are proud to preside the European union for the next six months starting 2008.

    Anyway, thanks for all your posts and sites as it gives us small boat builders good resourses.

    Perhaps my next project will be a small sailing boat. GIS perhaps 🙂


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