Peter Caspari and his Electric Quick Canoe – square backed canoe.

Peter has an article up about his electric Quick Canoe.

A simple cargo canoe that builds in a couple of weekends

Quick Canoe Electric. Square back electric canoe. 5 to 7 mph with a 34lb thrust minn kota trolling motor

It turned out quite well!

Peter Caspari's Electric Quick Canoe by Storer Boat Plans. square back electric canoe

I can see advantages to the standard seats in terms of keeping the crew low in the boat and the structure more rigid.  And if you want moulded seats finding ones that will fit on the designed seats.  The ones Peter used don’t support and stiffen the sides of the boat.

Electric Quick Canoe by

He also shows some nice mods to move the throttle arrangement of the electric outboard / electric trolling motor.

But it looks really good doesn’t it! And it is about the fastest build cargo canoe there is.

His Blog about the Quick Canoe Electric is here.

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7 thoughts on “Peter Caspari and his Electric Quick Canoe – square backed canoe.

  1. Joe Koenecke says:

    Looks great! I love the motor set up; I’d like to see more pictures. I left the seats out of mine, too, preferring to kneel when paddling and sit on my but when motoring. And when sailing we’re ready for anything! But I miss the stiffness that seats would provide, especially when sailing, with the pressure on the leeboard. Where were these pictures taken?

  2. Hi,

    Electric quick canoe under construction.

    These pictures were taken on Woronora river near Sydney Australia. There are more pics and details available here:-

    Electric Quick Canoe - squareback power canoe for electric trolling motors.


  3. Hi Michael,

    I only have some rough numbers. I have 1 x 80AH battery and a little 18 lbs motor that really only does about 2-3km/hr with 2 people and 1 dog (yes I can paddle faster). It does seem to go a lot faster with just me in it but I don’t have any numbers. I’m guessing twice that speed. It runs for about 3 hours before it starts slowing down.

    A more powerful motor would kill the battery as the nominal 80AH rating is typically based on a 4 amp draw. When you start drawing 30+ Amps from a larger motor its going to go flat in no time. You can get around this to some extent with 2 batteries in parallel but then its getting heavy and cumbersome. This is why I’m sticking with the current setup.


  4. can you send me plans of this canoe with it pointed at both ends, no flat end? I want to paddle it, no electric motor.

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