Discounted Plans – 50-66% off

I’m trying a bit of an experiment.

I am significantly discounting a number of my plans. I have recently updated a number of older plans to be available in a PDF format and delivered by email.

And I am not playing around. The discounts are between 50 and 66%
Plans for the same boats on paper may have not been changed – this is for email delivery only.

The list and links to details is here

These include:

MOTORBOATS – Econonmical to build and run.
My take on simple to build motor boats with low horsepower and high economy – they can move along very well indeed under 10 to 15hp. The two smaller ones are trailerable and the bigger one is very light for its length so there is potential to trail it too.

  • The TC35 – $190 – 35ft liveaboard riverboat/liveaboard for a couple with room for a couple of guests.
  • The Venezia – $150 – 27ft riverboat/canalboat – originally designed for the Venice lagoon.
  • The Dayboat/Launch – $120 – 23ft originally open boat that can easily be modified.

Some of the Kayak, Canoe and Dinghy mods
Simple, light, well engineered components

  • Drop in Sailing Rig – $25 – A leeboard and sail assembly to turn a kayak or canoe into a basic sailing boat that will go upwind and down. Can be almost completely removed from the boat when not required.
  • Drop in Outriggers – $30 – add stability to any canoe or kayak to create a fishing or or outboarding platform or the basis of a MONSTER sailing boat.

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2 thoughts on “Discounted Plans – 50-66% off

  1. We would like to add outriggers to a Sherpa dinghy. The
    beam and freeboard may require some modification to
    the width and heights to locate the outriggers.

    If you agree that we may need to make adjustments,
    A. Do the plans provide any help in that regard?
    B. Is there any help on your web or in books
    ( outrigger technology ??)

    ( Sherpa is a John Welsford design 9′ dinghy )

    P.S. we saw John Farrell with his outriggers on
    a ToTo at Sail OK. !! Beautiful job.

    • Hi Victor,

      I think it would be Ok. You might want to introduce a bit of extra width maybe by adding a flat section in the curve of the crossbeam in the middle. The other problem is I remember the Sherpa has a very strong sheerline. The worry is that if the front crossbeam is pushed up higher than the back by the curve of the Sherpa’s sheerline then the outrigger hulls will be bow up.

      But it might not be too bad because the outrigger hulls extend forward further than back so it might match the low point of the sheerline on the Sherpa. Send me an email and I will work out the dimensions so you can measure up and see where the crossbeams will end up on the Sherpa.

      The last thing to be aware of is that they add a lot of stability (which is the point) but that this can add a lot of load to the mast when sailing. Sometimes some rigging has to be added to the mast when sailing in this mode.

      Hope this helps

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