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Goat Island Skiff - Armstrong Family Sailing San Diego -

Goat Island Skiff Plan Info – Simple Sailing boat, Excellent performance, Lightweight

The finally famous Goat Island Skiff is the lightest and simplest 16ft sailing boat I could come up with. Simple to Build with Modern Performance. She will sail well and handle impeccably at all times with 4 adults and is fastest with one or two aboard. Plans are extremely detailed and there is an active community of builders on Facebook.


PJ and Cliff build a plywood Quick Canoe for the Tinaroo Raid in one week

Cliff and PJ live in Warm Queensland and Wintry Tasmania. However they both like to go the the yearly (June) wooden boat festival in tropical Far North Queensland. This year they decided to build one of my Quick Canoes. They started on Saturday and finished including putting the canoe on the car roof by the following thursday. They are experienced woodworkers so added some very nice details.


First Goat Island Skiff Kit sold in the USA

Clinton Chase in Portland Maine has just delivered a precut kit for the Goat Island Skiff to John in Texas who is building the boat. The kit arrived in a big box. This little article tells how his kids are involved in the boatbuilding starting with attaching the framing to the accurately cut plywood. He knows the rule that it is more important what the kids learn and experience than it is to minimise the use of wood!