A little report on my talk

The main thing is that both me and my audience survived my talk.  They all hung round too so they must have enjoyed it enough.

Michael Storer giving a talk at Clint Chase Boatbuilder.

David Graybeal wrote this …

Just a quick update. Mik’s first talk – hosted by Harbor Woodworks, in Portland, Oregon, last night – went off quite well. A small, but knowledgeable, talkative, and inquisitive crowd. We started at 6:30 and were still going strong at 9:30. We might be there still, if I hadn’t pulled the plug. Mik’s new recorder seemed to work well, and at some point – I’m guessing after the whole trip is done – he’ll post this recording (and possibly others) at his website for all to access.

One of the people at my talk was John Kohnen who is one of the founding fathers of a boating presence on the net with his Mother of all Maritime Links which must be the highest rating boating site on the internet.


He is coming up to Timothy Lake up in the mountains which is where I will be heading tomorrow morning.

Will be back with lots of pics and probably some interviews too!


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6 thoughts on “A little report on my talk

  1. Wonderful news. Keep it up. Remain alert, but not alarmed. Remember, they’re North Americans. You can count on me if we start another war!
    Looking forward to the slide evening.

    Best to all,

  2. North Americans indeed! You can count on Oregon Coots to be belligerent, but peaceful. Is that a contradiction?

  3. Mick,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your talk. It made sense to even me, the ultimate boat novice! Hope you find the rest of your trip as enjoyable.

  4. Mik, Timothy Lake is one of the lowest “mountain lakes” in Oregon at a mere 3,200′ (981m) or so. There’s a low spot in the Cascades between Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson, and that’s where PGE chose to put Timothy Lake. Come back next year and we’ll take you boating on Paulina Lake at over 6,300′! :o) You’ll be higher than Timothy Lake when you’re with the Kokonauts on Lake Powell — if the lake level isn’t too many hundreds of feet low…

    I loved your talk! Sorry about interrupting you when Jim asked about a loose-footed spritsai. I figured you’d just tell him to get something else!

    John K

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