Slideshow of building Method for the Eureka Stitch and Glue Plywood Canoe

The Eureka makes typical use of the stitch and glue boat building method. It is ideal when panels have a lot of twist and the stresses between panels are high.

I also use a duct tape instead of stitches for assembly where the hull has low stresses required to hold the components together.

I use both conventional stitch and glue and the duct tape assembly method for different canoe designs. To see what I have available have a look at my Plywood Canoe Construction comparison page. Plans can be ordered from that page too.

Here we have Bob Bauze building a Eureka in the Duckflat boatbuilding school.

Slideshow for stitch and glue canoe assembly method

He didn’t quite get it finished in the 9 day course, but almost.

Tools needed are quite basic.  The most expensive are

  1. Jigsaw
  2. Cordless drill with clutch
  3. Random orbit or orbital sander
  4. Handplane – block plane or standard #4 plane

Beyond that it is rulers, pencils, nails, drywall or plasterboard screws and simple things like that.

The plans are very detailed with some alternatives to either keep the boat simple or to include many traditional boat features to make it look like a “proper boat”.  Bob added all the trimmings

Bob hadn’t built a boat before, so a lot of the building was quite new to him.

More Eureka building sets here

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